Fire Damage Photo Gallery

Shopping Center Fire Damage

This shopping center suffered a small fire damage overnight. The fire did not spread throughout the entire building, but smoke and soot did spread through the HVAC system. When this happens, the smell also travels and sticks. We have to clean the unit that are close to where the fire happened, because they will be affected by the smell. We go in and do a complete wipe down, and we will also set an air scrubber. An air scrubber will help "scrub" the air and remove any odor that could still be lingering. Thankfully this fire was not a total loss, and we are able to go in and clean it up to get the store owners back in there and back to business. We know that every second lost, is lost revenue. Call on our team, and we will get you back up and running. Our crews are 24/7/365. 

Faulty Electrical Box

This home suffered a smoke/soot loss because of a faulty electrical box. The home was covered in soot throughout, and had the smell of smoke. We were able to go in and clean all contents and fibers in the home to make sure that all of the odor was out. 

Helpful Tips After A Fire

The effectiveness of medication can be destroyed by high temperatures from a fire. If you think your medicines have been exposed to excessive heat, consider replacing them or call your physician to explain the situation. Do not take the risk of potentially harmful side effects.

Microwaves Can Catch On Fire!

This was the aftermath of a microwave catching on fire. The homeowner was simply heating up lunch and walked into another room to do something. What the homeowner came back to was a fire that had managed to carry soot all throughout his entire home. Luckily most of the walls were able to be cleaned and did not require that any dry wall be torn out.

Cause Of Loss In Russellville

We encounter many fire damages, all that have a variety of loss causes. The cause of loss is the reason behind the fire that started in your kitchen. This particular cause of loss happened to be the stove.

Charred Kitchen Framing

This was the aftermath of a severe kitchen fire that the fire department had to assist in putting out. We now not only had a fire damage damage, but a water damage also. The severity of this damage was so great that it charred some of the kitchen framing.